The Grooming Process


Only the best for our clients! With vet approved shampoo, we treat our furry friends to a luxurious bath, complete with hot water.


To make sure our clients stay tick and itch free, we treat them with a dip treatment that’s even safe for the more sensitive skin types.


We can do any breed cut or shave as requested.


With our portable dryers, there’s no need for cages. After the bath, all our clients are treated to a nice blow dry.


With our specialized brushes, we brush out the coat to make sure there are no knots and to leave it gleaming.


We trim the nails to make sure that no scratch marks are left on the furniture!


With a special vet approved anti bacterial serum, we clean out the ears.

Teeth on request:

We brush the teeth with a specialized canine toothbrush and toothpaste, leaving teeth sparkling white.

Lastly we spritz on some dog perfume, leaving your best friend ready for a night on the town.